Ahead of time

1. Watch "Diversity Ironies" animation (below).

2. Read brief article “What would Class-Inclusive Anti-Racism look like?” 

3. Go over Diversity Ironies table (below) and think about which approaches to racism you've encountered.

(4. For a book group, read Chapter 7 and Class Speech Differences III in Missing Class. )


1.  Individual writing exercise on a paper with two columns:

• In the left column, list any experiences of diversity workshops and other awareness-raising events on racism and/or other oppressions (excluding school courses); if you know the education levels and occupations of the educators or facilitators and the partiicpants, note that here too.

• In the right column, based on the “class-inclusive anti-racism” article and based on what you now know about class culture differences in speech styles, group process preferences, approaches to conflict, etc., characterize those workshops and event by their predominant class culture.

2. Pairs: take turns sharing what you wrote in your columns, or why it was hard to fill them in.

3. Whole group discussion: Do the experiences of group members mainly confirm or contradict Class Action’s belief that today’s ways of consciousness-raising about racism are permeated with college-educated people’s class culture?   What do you think more class-inclusive anti-racism education would look like?

Watch "Diversity Ironies"

which approaches to racism have you encountered?


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