1. Read about the winners of the Cross-Class Bridge Builder Awards, nominated and voted by people in their local areas. Think about what cross-class organizations you've been impressed by.

2. Watch video of Laura Flanders interviewing Betsy Leondar-Wright.

(3. For a book group, read the Conclusion of Missing Class.)


  1. What local organization(s) would you nominate for the Cross-Class Bridge Builder Award? What support can you give the organization(s)?
  2. What are your action steps to apply what you’ve learned in this Discussion Group? Write privately, then share in pairs; consider setting up accountability check-ins with your pair buddy.
  3. Share individual action steps and discuss.
  4. Is this group now over, or are you making plans to continue? Plan - or thank each other and say farewell.
  5. Fill out the online evaluation form to enable Class Action to keep improving this Discussion Group Guide and the Activist Class Cultures online kit. - [link]

Think about what cross-class organizations you've been impressed by.

Watch video of Laura Flanders interviewing Betsy Leondar-Wright




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